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Group Seeks Ban on Bias Against Gays

A bill banning the discrimination of state employees based on sexual orientation was rejected by a House subcommittee last week, leaving one particular advocacy organization outraged. The chief executive officer of Equality Virginia said subcommittee members disregarded public support of Senate Bill 66. He called the decision to reject the bill “outrageous.”

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Senate Panel Kills ‘Castle Doctrine’ Bill

A Senate committee has rejected the so-called “castle doctrine” bill, which would have provided immunity from civil prosecution if you used lethal force to defend yourself and your home. The bill was struck down by the Senate Courts of Justice Committee on a 9-6 party-line vote Wednesday.

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‘Pothole Blitz’ Seeks to Repair Roads

A gap in the state budget isn’t the only hole Virginia officials are trying to fill. They’re also trying to plug potholes that harsh winter weather has left on roads throughout the commonwealth.

Gov. Bob McDonnell is asking Virginians to help the Virginia Department of Transportation in a “Pothole Blitz” aimed at repairing the damage.

Read Samantha Downing’s story here or in the Gainesville Times.

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Anti-Hate Rally Draws Crowd of 350

About 350 people rallied at Virginia Commonwealth University to show their support for diversity and to take a stand against discrimination and hate. The rally was a response to protests conducted around Richmond by Westboro Baptist Church members, who are notorious for making inflammatory remarks about gay people, Jews and other groups.

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Law Gives Homeowners Flag Display Rights

A bill prohibiting homeowners’ associations from regulating a properly displayed U.S. flag has passed both the General Assembly. A fight over the issue made national headlines recently when a retired Army colonel challenged his homeowners’ association in Henrico County.

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CNS Stories for Week 7 (Feb. 22-28)

Here are the stories we distributed over the past week. Headlines include: “Marshall Demands Apology for ‘Slanderous’ Story” … “House and Senate Negotiate Over Budget” … “Concerns Voiced About Student-Athletes’ Concussions” … “‘Pothole Blitz’ Seeks to Repair Virginia’s Roads.”

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