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CNN’s Ali Velshi Discusses Financial Crisis

Ali Velshi has a love-hate relationship with Twitter. Though CNN’s chief business correspondent believes he does a good job on his show, he says you wouldn’t know that from the way people talking about him on Twitter. “People call me everything — fat, ugly, stupid, liberal, conservative, everything. You name it, and I’m fascinated by it,” he said.

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Restaurants Can Let Customers Bring Wine

Under a new state law, Virginians will be permitted to bring their own wine into a restaurant – if the dining establishment allows. Senate Bill 1292, which takes effect July 1, will allow any ABC-licensed restaurant to permit customers to bring a bottle of wine into the establishment and drink it on the premises.

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Will Schools Open Before Labor Day?

Virginia law generally bars schools from opening before Labor Day. But legislation signed last week by Gov. Bob McDonnell chips away at that prohibition – an issue of intense debate during the General Assembly’s recent session.

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Governor Wants Tourists to ‘Love’ Virginia

Gov. Bob McDonnell has announced the revival of the Virginia is for Lovers television crusade, which has been dormant for almost five years. The slogan, which originated 42 years ago, has been one of the nation’s most successful tourism campaigns.

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Virginia Honors ‘Forgotten War’ of 1812

Virginia is gearing up to commemorate the bicentennial of the American War of 1812. The General Assembly has passed legislation to create a heritage trail of war-related historical sites and to establish a special license plate for the war’s bicentennial.

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