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CNS Stories Now Moving on AP Wire

Thanks to The Associated Press, our articles appear in publications from D.C. to San Francisco.

My Trip to D.C. on Donald Trump’s Inauguration Day

It is 6:30 a.m. and the coat-folk are gathered on the Metro platform. They wear the red hat with white text: MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN

Money Buys Influence? 'I'm Shocked!'

A failed attempt to bar the largest corporate donor in Virginia politics from giving campaign contributions to public officials

'Enemy of the American People,' Mr. President?

We've never done satire before, but that's the best way to respond to Donald Trump's tweet. 

Island May Vanish Under Rising Seas

Tangier Island represents a way of life that has otherwise disappeared. Scientists say that soon, the island itself will disappear as sea levels rise.

Is the Appalachian Trail Getting Too Crowded?

As more and more people have set out to hike the AT, concerns have emerged about the trail’s sustainability.

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